C-ute release the video for their new song! Kikkawa Yuu’s new triple A-side previewed! And more!

Recommended Reading: January 18th, 2013

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Thennary Nak’s Picks

Kis-My-Ft2′s “Busaiku?!” to Return for 3 Consecutive Months – JE News Daily
Let us all revel in the second hand embarrassment of the guys who are trying to come off as cool.

Yamapi and Imada Koji Attend Press Conference for their New Variety Show – JE News Daily
I think I might have to watch this show seeing as they are calling the 60s and up “Time of Creation Banana Generation”.

Chinen Yuri Shows Off His Pro Ballet & Jazz – aramatheydidnt
The more I see from Johnny’s World being performed the more I understand why people consider it a complete mess.

Piece Ep 10 Review – J-Everything
The series picks up the pace again as it hints for things to come.

Ray’s Picks

C-ute – “Kono Machi” MV Released – Hello! SayuNii
Ayuchii finds the video slow but impressive, matching the song’s feel.

Another Ballad? – Kono Machi MV – Shayna
Shayna appreciates a simple video for a simple song, comparing it to the group’s last ballad.

℃-ute- “Kono Machi” MV – Neaux Clicked on It
Neaux appreciates the accesorizing decisions.

Kikkawa Yuu Chocolate Damashii/ Sekaijuu ni Kimi wa Hitori Dake/ Valentine’s RADIO – Pure Idol Heart
Camdy reviews the videos and songs from Kikka’s new triple A-side.

twintower-love: Here comes the magazine of the… – Idols and Hollywood
As always, both Sae and Sayaka look quite lovely and happy to be together.

paletの涙☆つゆだく #001-02 – Pure Idol Heart
Gaki shares the latest video from the group’s show.

Idoling!!!: One Up!!! – Stawberry LOVE
Catching up on Idoling!!! singes, this one having a strong lead and okay B-sides.

Harajuku Poupées: Mika Ninagawa – Plastic Candy
Alvy profiles the famous photographer, who has worked with many Japanese musicians.

JYJ wins lawsuit against Japanese management Avex – allkpop
Another major decision that clears JYJ’s path.

AKB48 ~ Team SURPRISE – Jappydolls
For those who can’t get enough AKB eyecandy…

Kis-My-Awesome is back!! – Never Ending Music Power
Thennary is very happy to hear that Kis-My-Ft2’s special program is coming back.

Interesting.. – Bikkuri Project
Celestia crunches some interesting numbers on AKB48.

Idols and Boyfriends – Okay! Musume Time
Chiima shares her own thoughts on the issue of idols and dating, and whether things can be changed.

kata48: z3144228: sakaeandfrog: Behind of the scene of… – Idols and Hollywood
A very interesting article about leaving the AKB family to make one’s own way as a talento.

Tokyo cops make ‘child porn’ inquiry into Tomomi Kasai’s breast pic, raise ‘international’ concerns – aramatheydidnt
More bad news surrounding the scandal.

Group you need to meet: Silent Siren – fly in the f*ing wine
Mara makes some very good points on why this rock quartet should be the next big thing.

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