An NB48 idol completes the Osaka Marathon! Preview of NEWS’ video has been released! And more!

Recommended Reading: November 25th, 2012

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Thennary Nak’s Picks

NEWS “World Quest” PV Preview – aramatheydidnt
NEWS and soccer, truly this is Tegoshi’s dream collaboration.

Watch out Meisa, ViVi readers want to have hot sex with your husband! – aramatheydidnt
So it seems like Jin has not been completely forgotten yet.

NMB48’s Fukumoto Aina Completes The Osaka Marathon – aramatheydidnt
Always great to see idols challenge themselves for a good cause.

Higashiyama Noriyuki to star in NHK’s remake of “Ooka Echizen” – JE News Daily
Higashiyama takes up the mantel of a classic character for a drama remake.

Arashi ni Shiyagare 2012.11.17 Review – J-Everything
Arashi sit at a bar and listen to kooky theories about feng shui and aliens.

KisuHama Learning 2012.11.21 Review – J-Everything
Kis-My-Ft2 try to get through Japan by eating senbei.

Ray’s Picks

NMB48’s Fukumoto Aina Completes The Osaka Marathon – aramatheydidnt
Congratulations to Fukumoto on this hard-fought achievement!

Q&A Month! (2012): Question 6 – Never Ending Music Power
An intriguing question on JE and homosexuality.

Continuing the Chocolate Frenzy with Perfume’s ‘Secret Secret’ PV Review! (PV Request Week) – Okay! Musume Time
Is there a secret plan to make Chiima a Perfume fan? Can we place Malice Mizer on the list next?

Another Graduation for AKB48’s First Outside Japan Sister JKT48 – aramatheydidnt
Well, it had to happen sooner or later.

SPICA – “Lonely” – Konno’s Story
Konno Asami singles out a song from the mini-album for special attention.

~Saturday Night Fights!! 2!! Presents Idol Beach Sumo – モーニングBerryz48
Needz moar ripping-off-of-bikinis.

Magical cover; Afilia Saga East: Magical Faces Part 1 – Pure Idol Heart
Gaki starts to introduce us to the individual idols of the group.

After School’s Lizzy believes she has a better body than UEE – allkpop
I need more details on the “seeing UEE’s naked body” part.

Rina Koike ~ Wanibooks No.101 [2012.11] – Jappydolls
I can never say no to Rina.

3 Blogs I Read like the Bible – Love’s Spell
A wonderful essay sharing love with some of the best idol blogs out there.

~Fukakyon♥, Weekly Playboy Covergirl! – モーニングBerryz48
Fukada Kyoko’s still got it, and MB shows us why.

Yamada Ryosuke- Cook Do CM – aramatheydidnt
What I wouldn’t give to fill up Yamada’s mouth with something sweet and creamy!

Selective Hearing’s News Roundup – Selective Hearing
Greg has some interesting advice on PSY’s career choices.

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