Details about a new Negicco album and Chiima reviews their most recent single. Vanilla Beans have a new album soon. Babyraids change their name.

Recommended Jpop♀ Reading: December 19, 2014

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Brian’s Picks

Negicco – Rice & Snow – J-Pop Idols
Details for the album, which will be 13 tracks including two penned by Negicco members themselves.

[12 Days of Idols] Winter’s Coming in Negicco’s ‘Hikari no Spur’ (Single Review) – Okay! Musume Time
And speaking of Negicco, Chiima’s countdown reaches Negicco’s latest single, which features a music video filmed in Finland.

Nogizaka46’s Second Season Final! ~Merry X’mas Show 2014~ Setlist and Annoucements – Nogizaka no uta
The shows are over but you can read more information about the setlists in this post.

Vanilla Beans announces their first album in 2 years, “Vanilla Beans IV” – Tokyo Girls’ Update
Their new album with have seven new songs, twelve overall.

Breaking Update: Babyraids Changes Name!!!! – Pure Idol Heart
You know that it has been an interesting week when this isn’t the worst name change of the week.

Get to Know Questionnaire – ‘Hamachan’ Hamaura Ayano – Ice Cream & My Jiggly
A Q&A with the kenshuusei member from the latest Up To Boy Princess Bambina issue.


Lizzy is more active! A Christmas TTS performance! K-pop on my mind reviews Yoon Mi Rae!

Recommended Kpop Reading: December 19, 2014

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TS Entertainment Drops Trailer Video for New Girl Group Sonamoo – Soompi
All the flowers and scenary set up for a really pretty teaser.

After School’s Lizzy Joins Food Program “Tasty Road” as New MC – Soompi
This is in addition to her upcoming trot single and the Defccon/ project. Good job Lizzy!

Yoon Mi Rae (with Tiger JK & Bizzy) “Angel” Music Video Review – K-pop on my mind
minnimonmon reviws all aspects of this great release!

Girls’ Generation – TTS Performs on Year-End Special for KBS’s ‘Music Bank’ – Soshified
The “Diamond” performance is really worth checking out!


A new Rainie Yang music video! A new boy band! SNH48 releases a holiday single.

Recommended Cpop Reading: December 19, 2014

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Check out rainie’s new mv! – Asian Pop Weekly
Rainie’s acting is really strong in this music video. Specifically at the beginning.

Fresh boyband wants to be a better person everyday – cfensi
This is definitely a light and fluffy song. Idarklight compares it to One Direction.

SNH48 – 浪漫圣诞夜2014 (ノエルの夜 / Noel no Yoru) – Shanghai48s
A holiday single from SNH48 with members from all three teams singing.


SNSD in China! Sakura for Christmas! Cheeky Parade performances! And more!

Recommended Eyecandy+ Reading: December 19, 2014

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Tiffany MAMA 2014 in Hong Kong – SNSD Pics
Tiffany looked great in both outfits that night!

Girls’ Generation 1st Fan Party in Beijing – SNSD Pics
It looks like it was a fun event to go to!

Lovelyz Kei – Kpop Kfans
Well you can read when netizens are saying, but I’m linking it simply for how pretty Kei looks.

[Pics] 14.12.19. Arirang TV Simply K-Pop Photos – Our Nikori
[Pic] MC Nicole for Simply K-Pop – Our Nikori
One of my favorites performing on my favorite k-pop music show!

HKT48 Sakura Miyawaki “Merry Christmas To You” on Manga Action Magazine – Hebirote AKB48
A festive photoshoot starring Sakura!

Unboxing: SKE48 – “12gatsu no Kangaroo” (Type C and D) – Konno’s Story
Very jealous of the Ryoha photocard.

Unboxing: VIXX – “Error” Japanese Version (Type B – photobook edition) – Konno’s Story
I meant to buy this myself and never got around to it. The photobook looks cool.

Cheeky Parade : Hyper Energetic One-man Show in Odaiba! – Tokyo Girls’ Update
Lots of great photographs of the idol group’s performance.


Beyond Hallyu is starting up a new podcast that looks quite interesting.

Recommended Community Reading: December 19, 2014

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Ask Beyond Hallyu! Announcing our new podcast – Beyond Hallyu
Beyond Hallyu is set to join a growing list of idol and kpop related podcasts. They hope to have lots of input and interaction so check it out if you are interested. The podcast is also intended to cover “Korean entertainment of all kinds.” And based on Beyond Hallyu’s history of covering Korean movies, dramas, variety shows, and societal issues, along with music, that’s a pretty safe bet. Good luck to them!


More reactions to “angerme.” Chiima reviews more Christmas-themed idol music. Idol Renaissance changes labels. And a whole lot more!

Recommended Jpop♀ Reading: December 18, 2014

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From S/mileage to ANGERME … wait, what? – Genki Pika Pika!
Airi is disappointed with the new name and believes it’s too much of a departure from everything that S/mileage was up to this point. I have to agree that with her suggestion for “Angel Tears” for the name instead of ANGERME.

Sunlight Melts into Transparent Blue, Trident Reveals Beautiful MV “Blue Snow” – Tokyo Girls’ Update
The song takes its time to build up to the better part of it. A bit too long actually.

SKE48 16th Single “12 Gatsu no Kangaroo”, 1st Week Sales. – Jmanmoonwalk.48
Jmanmoonwalk has this and the rest of the Oricon sales for the week. I’m thrilled at palet getting fifth place!

[12 Days of Idols] It’s A Very Fluffy Christmas Time! So Let’s Become Adorable with SKE48’s ’12-gatsu no Kangaroo’ Music Video! Let’s Get FLUFFY! – Okay! Musume Time
Chiima’s series takes on SKE48’s latest single. Now, in the last few weeks, I’ve started a new obsession with Kitagawa Ryoha, who Chiima labels “Misery-guts.” But that’s perfect! Exactly why I like her. In the end, Chiima is mildly surprised by the different style from SKE48 but still enjoys it.

AKB48 & Youkai Watch Collaboration! NyaKB Becomes Reality! – Tokyo Girls’ Update
Well isn’t this just the cutest thing.

Idol Renaissance Signs With T-Palette! – This Is Your Wake Up Call!
Good for them, but will they get a name change like tengal6 -> lyrical school?

[12 Days of Idols] For A Lifetime of Happiness, please, Stay with me… – P.IDL’s ‘Stay with me’ PV Review Okay! Musume Time
Chiima’s Christmas countdown continues with a newly-discovered group, P.IDL. It’s a group full of pretty members and this song is really pleasant. As per usual, Chiima reviews the entire thing after screen-capping the music video. Unlike her, I do think the soft-focusing is a bit much in this video, but Chiima’s got a good point in that suits the overall look of the video.

Weekly News Update #51 – sekaiichihappyidol
Suusjchan starts up a new blog feature and looks back at the week of Hello!Project news and releases.

Jpop Time Traveller: Snow Special – Hachimitsu II
Whenever violetmitsu posts another entry in the Jpop Time Traveler series, there is almost always a song/MV that brings me back. You know that “how did I forget this happened?” feeling. This time it happened with Moritaka Chisato’s “SNOW AGAIN.” Such a pleasant song and perfect for this time of year if you are getting cold and snow. Also featured in this post are Sakakibara Yui and Flower.


More Christmas cards from Nogizaka46! Ex-KARA member Nicole is getting a lot of work these days. An unboxing post from Konno’s Story. And more!

Recommended Eyecandy+ Reading: December 18, 2014

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Brian’s Picks

Tsunku♂, can you hear me? – Berryz Kobo International
Zush only wants one thing for the holidays.. Buono to come back! Unfortunately, it might take a miracle to get it.

Nogizaka46: Postal Japan promo event pics from December 15th – Nao Kanzaki and a few friends
Everyone looks great!

Nogizaka46: Nogizaka Christmas cards #1 – Nao Kanzaki and a few friends
I’d definitely prefer getting these in the mail than the ones that I get from distant relatives.

Nogizaka46: Nogizaka Christmas cards #2 and one new mag spread – Nao Kanzaki and a few friends
More Christmas-themed cards! I really like the one of Akimoto Manatsu.

AKB48 “Vital Sign” on EX Taishu Magazine – Hebirote AKB48
Kojima Natsuki, Sasaki Yukari, and Kobayashi Marina feature in this bikini photoshoot.

Unboxing – SKE48 – “Mirai to wa?” (Type D) – Konno’s Story
Konno Asami shows off the SKE48 single from March.

Nogizaka46: Mai Shiraishi ‘Seijun na Otona’ book signing event pics – Nao Kanzaki and a few friends
Maiyan promotes her photobook and Nao posts some pictures from the event.

[Pictures] 141218 SNSD Seohyun – ‘Singles’ Magazine January 2015 Issue – Smtownsnsd
Seohyun looks absolutely gorgeous in this magazine shoot.

[Pic] Nicole For Esquire Magazine (Jan 2015) – Our Nikori
[Pics] HD Photos Of Nicole From Singles, bnt International, Grazia, & HIM via TopStar News – Our Nikori
Nicole is getting a lot of photoshoots these days!

Merry Christmas from T.O.P x SK Planet’s Syrup [PHOTO] – Big Bang Updates
Haha oh man, I just love how thrilled T.O.P looked in this advertisement.

f(x)’s Krystal graces Instyle- Daily Kpop News
Krystal looks beautiful as she sits uncomfortably on a chair.


Never mind S/mileage, meet ANGERME! No, really.

Recommended Jpop♀ Reading: December 17, 2014

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Brian’s Picks

Jpop Time Traveller: Pink Special – Hachimitsu II
Pink in idol music videos? With so much to chose from, violetmitsu picks out a select few.

Music Round-Up 14/12/14 – Hachimitsu II
Violetmitsu takes a look at releases from Dream, E-Girls, YuiKaori, Tamura Yukari, and more.

Covers to Berryz Kobo’s graduation boxset revealed – Hello! News Service
At least they got some pretty covers for their send-off.

Strawberry Sounds & Creamy Crescendos – Magi-Kat presents “Morning Meteora”
Magi-kat looks all the way back to 2000 and talks about Shonen Knife’s Strawberry Sound.

This week in music 12.17.2014 – New School Kaidan
Garry is at it again with his weekly article on NSK. This week’s feature is on ex-BiS member Terashima Yufu and I’m echoing his recommendation.

[12 Days of Idols] A Winter Date’s Symphony – Sunmyu’s ‘Hatsuyuki no Symphony’ PV Review – Okay! Musume Time
Chiima finally finds a song by Sunmyu that grabs her attention and then goes on to review it.

Unboxing: SKE48 – 12gatsu no Kangaroo (Type A) – Konno’s Story
Find out what’s inside the latest SKE48 single!

H!P Hidden Gems: Kioku no Meiro – Yume no Kawa
It’s the other song from High-King! Kate looks at the b-side to Cinderella Complex and enjoys it quite a bit.

Thirty minutes of Watanabe Miyuki! It’s a big download but that definitely sounds worth it to me.

Takoyaki Party! NMB Podcast #010 – NMB Takoyaki Party
I forget already how I came across this NMB-centric podcast but it was enjoyable. The two hosts have a good bit of chemistry.

Ray’s Picks

Ss1422 #100 (2014.12.14) – Hello! Pro Radio
With some special guests, discussion turns to Michishige Sayumi’s graduation and the opening act that performed at this monumental event.

Habit Posting 09 (Bonnie Pink) – who is sulli?
Brian takes a look at the talented singer and even finds an American angle.

SCANDAL to release new album “HELLO WORLD” in Europe – Land of Rising Sound
Trying to ride the coat tails of BABYMETAL, eh? Okay, just kidding – but the quartet should be commended for furthering their global outreach.

The 2014 Japanese Idol Review! – This Is Your Wake Up Call!
Trailblazer shares his own lists for the year.

You’ll Melt More – SUImin CIty DEstroyer (SUI.CI.DE) – J-Pop Idols
Details on the group’s upcoming album.

S/mileage No More, but instead: ANGERME! The Angriest of Angels Tears! – Okay! Musume Time
Chiima tries to wrap her head around the name change and does much better at it than I do. Which is to say, she loathes it and makes that clear, while I’m just entering this weird fugue state of confusion, linguistic angst, and cosmic horror.

S/mileage will change their name to ANGERME – Sakura Mankai
ANGERME announced their first single! – Sakura Mankai
Because of the change in name, this counts as the group’s debut.

ANGERME: Let the angels cry – Yume no Kawa
Kate points out that the name was chosen by one of the idols and so we shouldn’t be so quick to rush to judgment. Except… you know… it’s kind of hard not to rush to judgment in this case. At least, that’s what I think. You can’t possibly go from Smile in one name to Anger in another without someone having a good laugh behind the scenes.


KAT-TUN’s Kame meets Princess Takamado! What is the proper term for Arashi fans? And more!

Recommended Jpop♂ Reading: December 17, 2014

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Bits and Pieces 009 – JE fandom
Kanjani8 complete their dome tour and Tackey £ Tsubasa become a live one man act

Kamenashi Kazuya Meets Princess Takamado – JE fandom
I’m sure at some point the princess asked what was up with Koki.

Rumor Round-Up (Digest 016) – JE fandom
They should go with The People’s Front of Arashi or the Arashi People’s Front. Splitters!


CL and G Dragon have a Dirty Vibe going on! The fate of MBLAQ is announced officially! And more!

Recommended Kpop Reading: December 17, 2014

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Ray’s Picks

The Case for Contract Nullification: B.A.P edition – seoulbeats
This article does a nicely wonky job of going over the group’s grievances in all its sordid pecuniary detail.

News: After School’s Lizzy reported to make her solo debut with a trot song – AfterSchoolDaze ♥
The Orange Caramel idol makes an unexpected choice.

Super Collaboration “Dirty Vibe” is Released – seoulbeats
The song and video are getting mixed reactions at best.

SM Releases Teaser for Surprise Exo Holiday Track – seoulbeats
But will they release anything for Chinese New Year?

PRN’s Top 50 Songs Of 2014: #35-31 – J-Min, Ladies’ Code, B.A.P, Seo Taiji, Jay Park – Asian Junkie
The write-up on Ladies Code was especially interesting.

Favorite K-Pop: 2014 – the mind reels
Melissa shares her lists.

Best K-pop Album/Mini-Album for 2014 – Konno’s Story
Konno Asami makes an unexpected choice.

Lee Joon and Thunder Officially Leave MBLAQ – seoulbeats
So it’s official, then, and the remaining members will soldier on.


Jolin Tsai’s latest music video is a strong message for equality. Chocolate Tiger is OH’s cpop artist of the week. And more music!

Recommended Cpop Reading: December 17, 2014

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Brian’s Picks

Jolin Tsai promotes equality in her new same-sex marriage MV – SBS
A very wonderful (and at points heartbreaking) music video that also delivers an important message. For a better understand, I recommend reading the translated lyrics, done by OneHallyu forum member Vincess. It also looks as if this video is getting some press around the Internet, including an article on Focus Taiwan.

C-Pop Artist Of The Week (Dec. 15 – Dec. 21) – Chocolate Tiger – OneHallyu Blog
Hemlock’s artist of the week is the Taiwanese band fronted by Enno Cheng. It’s a soft rock type of sound if you want to check it out!

Music Monday: ZGF – Cfensi
Updates from a number of different artists, including Jane Zhang.


Miyawaki Sakura! Shiraishi Mai! Shinkawa Yua! And more!

Recommended Eyecandy+ Reading: December 17, 2014

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Brian’s Picks

Daesung @ AVEX Artist Academy [PHOTOS] – Big Bang Updates
I don’t know what I’d do with myself if he went to a HKT48 show while in Fukuoka.

Ray’s Picks

道重さゆみ – Jurina48
A little bit of the legend Sayumi.

alanosiris: EX大眾 2015.01 小嶋菜月X小林茉里奈X佐々木優佳里 – Jurina48
Kojima Natsuki, Sasaki Yukari, and Kobayashi Marina shine in this pictorial.

alanosiris: EX大眾 2015.01 渡辺美優紀 full ver. – Jurina48
Watanabe Miyuki in a pretty good photo spread.

足立梨花 – Jurina48
足立梨花 – Jurina48
Adachi Rika plays peekaboo with a couple of outfits.

宮脇咲良 – Jurina48
Miyawaki Sakura is positively heavenly in this Christmas-themed spread.

白石麻衣 – Jurina48
Shiraishi Mai can be my Santa any time.

SKE48 Ryoha Kitagawa and Ami Miyamae “Sisters” on WPB Magazine – HEBIROTE AKB48
The complete pictorial of this fresh-faced duet.

松井珠理奈 – Jurina48
For these Jurina Matsui shots, I like the first outfit better.

山本彩 – Jurina48
Yamamoto Sayaka looking very mature.

mayuwatanabe: Weekly Playboy Watanabe Mayu Christmas Special… – Jurina48
Still more Christmas cheer to warm the wota heart.

新川優愛 – Jurina48
Shinkawa Yua looking striking in a blue bikini.