Recommended Jpop♀ Reading: October 1, 2015


Ray’s Pick

AKB48 Janken Taikai is rigged. Or is it? Also, Fujita Nana congrats! – Derek Vasconi
I found this a very entertaining read. Derek’s style has loosened up some, making this a fast breezy read, and I like how he considers both sides of the arguments for why the janken tournament may or may not be rigged. Hopefully he’s right about Fujita Nana and the potential she offers – there’s a lot of great younger idols coming up the ranks of 48G but they need as many as possible.

SKE48 – Maenomeri Review – Selective Hearing
Greg finds this pleasant but not memorable.

Cheeky Parade “CPGB – Cheeky Parade Gallery Bomb” – the number 244
Sharing photos from the group’s visit to New York.

Ebisu Muscats are back – J-Pop Idols
Revival of the Sexy Dynamites! The 2nd Ebisu★Muscats has Been Revealed! – Tokyo Girls Update
I stopped following AV idols many years ago, but I guess I should start watching it again so that I can properly appreciate this group’s return.

Hello! Shop Event – Country Hiroba (20th & 21st September 2015) – Ice Cream & My Jiggly
Getting to know these idols better, including Morito Chisaki’s bedtime routine.

It Is Finally Official…Iwasa Misaki Solo Concert Coming in January 2016! – Chuo Dori
CK shares all the details on this big event for Wasamin. And I am positive he’s going to make it to the show – how can he not?

“All for One” and One for All! palet Shake Souls at Ikebukuro Sunshine City! – Tokyo Girls Update
A great show report for the event marking the release of their sixth single.

AKB48 Announce Release Date for Minami Takahashi’s Last Single! – Tokyo Girls Update
AKB48 – 42nd Single – J-Pop Idols
An appropriate date for an important departure from the AKB fold. Hold back your tears, everyone.

NECRONOMIDOL Unleash Soul-Blasting MV for “LAMINA MALEDICTUM”! – Tokyo Girls Update
I like the behind-the-scenes footage, it’s actually kind of endearing.

New Faces: Member as girlfriend (H!P Maruwakari Winter 2015) – Ice Cream & My Jiggly
I would’ve liked a lot more details for this question.

Zush profiles the group, sharing some great pics along the way.

Little Glee Monster interview at J-POP Summit 2015 – New School Kaidan
A fun Q&A with the members of the group.

Tokyo Girls’ Update Recommend: Our Favorite MVs for Songs Released September 2015 – Tokyo Girls Update
Catch up with some great videos.

All Self Produce callme’s 1st Album “Who is callme?”! callme Working Towards Their Dream “step by step”! – Tokyo Girls Update
Striking out on their own.

BiSH Momoko Shares Too Much Information on Broadcast – Pure Idol Heart
Well, I didn’t need to know about this.

Total Randomness #1 – KAKKO-II.COM
A drink with ANGERME.

Kobushi Factory – “Dosukoi! Kenkyo ni Daitan” [PV] – the number 244
A fun screencap review that emphasizes the hard work idol trainees face.

The Price of the “Sotsugyou” ~ Part 1 – Magi-Kat presents “Morning Meteora”
Kat crunches through a whole lot of numbers as she looks at the first nine graduations from Morning Musume and the corresponding singles. It’s a fascinating read, though I wonder if it’s necessary to factor in the group’s overall arc – from underdogs to Love Machine superidols to a media mainstay to the last majo girl group during a long (female) idol drought. The first few years of the new millennium were so tumultuous for the group that I can’t help but think of that dramatic rise and fall while going through what amounts to the group’s history.
I am definitely looking forward to the next installment, as the group’s fortunes have steadied out by then and the numbers will certainly provide an even more illuminating picture.

Berryz Kobo x ℃-ute Cross Talk: Natsuyaki Miyabi x Kumai Yurina – Ice Cream & My Jiggly
A fun chat about eyebrows and airheads.

Nogizaka46 Tapped to Promote “From AQUA” Mineral Water With Television Commercials and Special Vending Machines! – Tokyo Girls Update
I can’t help but think of Zoolander.

Recommended Jpop♂ Reading: October 1, 2015


Ray’s Pick

Rants & Raves : Fans – JE fandom
Arashi fans clean up after themselves!

Three Members of Johnny’s WEST to Join Osaka Marathon – JE fandom
Good for them!

Rumor Round-Up (Digest 022) – JE fandom
Bad news for ex-SweetS Takimoto Miori for her involvement with Fujigaya Taisuke.

Kisumai GAME 28 July 2015 episode review – Never Ending Music Power
I want more drones.

Sakurai Sho Sends Warm Greetings to Fukiishi Kazue – JE fandom
Congratulating a happy couple.

Recommended Kpop Reading: October 1, 2015


Ray’s Pick

BTS fans locked out of Atlanta concert due to overselling, promoters fail again – Asian Junkie
The lack of surprise by Kpop watchers is a big part of the tragedy.

Wonder Girls – Reboot Review – Selective Hearing
Greg is impressed by the group’s comeback album.

GOT7’s “If You Do” may be their best yet, but they feel capable of more – Asian Junkie
Living up to their promise.

First Pitch Scouting Report: AOA’s Seolhyun at risk for catastrophic arm injury – Asian Junkie
I could watch her pitch for hours.

“Another aspect of the new way of embracing K-pop in Japan is demonstrated through how K-pop is now…” – the mind reels
The complexities of being a Kpop girl group in Japan.

Ailee, “Mind Your Own Business”, and settling for good but not great – Asian Junkie
Playing it safe.

LOVELYZ were meant to be robotic in “Ah-Choo” MV, too bad the song was too – Asian Junkie
Not quite clicking.

Recommended Cpop Reading: October 1, 2015


Ray’s Pick

2015-09-29 SNH48 in Paris photoshoot preview! (½) – Shanghai48s
These photos are so incredible. Huang Tingting’s photo is just pure perfection, and Kong Xiaoyin looks like she’s had an amorous tumble in the gardens.

2015-09-29 SNH48 in Paris photoshoot preview! (2/2) – Shanghai48s
More incredible photos. I really can’t wait for the full magazine spread to be released.

2015-09-27 SNH48 Team X member Shao Xuecong – Shanghai48s
Very adorable.

2015-09-26 SNH48 Team SII member Qiu Xinyi – Shanghai48s
What’s with the knight dudes?

2015-09-27 SNH48 Team SII member Kong Xiaoyin (With Qian… – Shanghai48s
2015-09-29 SNH48 Team SII member Kong Xiaoyin – Shanghai48s
2015-09-30 SNH48 Team SII member Kong Xiaoyin – Shanghai48s
Another very adorable idol.

2015-09-27 SNH48 Team SII member Dai Meng – Shanghai48s

2015-09-27 SNH48 Team NII member Feng Xinduo – Shanghai48s
Many faces of an idol.

2015-09-27 SNH48 Team NII member Ju Jingyi – Shanghai48s
2015-09-28 SNH48 Team NII member Ju Jingyi – Shanghai48s
A whole other Milky.

2015-09-27 SNH48 Team NII member Li Yitong (With Huang Tingting,… – Shanghai48s
Little Red.

2015-09-28 SNH48 Team HII member Xu Yang Yuzhuo – Shanghai48s
Looking lovely in that dress.

2015-09-28 SNH48 Team NII member Huang Tingting – Shanghai48s

2015-09-29 SNH48 Team NII member Lu Ting – Shanghai48s
2015-09-29 SNH48 Team NII member Feng Xinduo (With Lu Ting) – Shanghai48s
Strictly business.

2015-09-29 SNH48 Team SII – Shanghai48s
A nice group shot.

2015-09-29 SNH48 Team NII member Huang Tingting – Shanghai48s
From Euro sophisticated to fierce to playful. So many aspects to this idol!

Recommended Eyecandy+ Reading: October 1, 2015


Ray’s Pick

NMB48 Yuuri Ota “2.5 Generation” on Young Jump Magazine – HEBIROTE AKB48
A fun, playful pictorial.

AKB48 Haruna Kojima “Lady Chic in Autumn” on Sweet Magazine – HEBIROTE AKB48
Kojiharu gets seriously fashionable.

Fujii Mina is an attractive bipedal for September 2015’s MAXIM – Asian Junkie
A very nice fashion spread.

SKE48 Jurina Matsui “Zenbu Suppin” on Flash Magazine – HEBIROTE AKB48
A solid photo spread that is pretty good vanilla.

NMB48 Miyuki Watanabe “Stay With Me” on Bubka Magazine – HEBIROTE AKB48
Hanging out, looking sexy.

Recommended Drama Reading: October 1, 2015


Ray’s Pick

Assasination Classroom – HamsapSukebe
Akiramike is bored.

Asa ga Kita – Jdrama Weblog
Details on the drama featuring Miyazaki Aoi.

Fuji TV Drama Special 2015 ~ Date ~ Koi to wa Donna Mono Kashira 2015 Natsu Hitou – Jdrama Weblog
Nakajima Yuto stars in this drama of love and contracts.

Top 10 Japanese Horror Movies That Are Crazy – Derek Vasconi
A highly entertaining list from Derek, with his usual combination of personal anecdotes, critical observations, and illuminating selections. I’m kind of sad that Suicide Club / Noriko’s Dinner Table didn’t make the list, but what he offers here should both horrify and amaze.

10 Reasons to Watch the Ano Hana jdorama special – HamsapSukebe
The reasons are compelling.

Random Viewing: Hatsumori Bemars – Selective Hearing
Greg looks at this baseball drama starring Nogizaka46.

Ikuta Toma and Yamada Ryosuke Attends “Grasshopper” Completion Showcase – JE fandom
Badass Ryosuke can only be a good thing.