Recommended Jpop♀ Reading: August 1, 2015


Ray’s Picks

Hello! Station Episode 128 – Morningtime
A whole lot of cuteness from Tamura Meimi to Wada Ayaka.

Is Yurina really 181 cm tall? – Berryz Kobo International
Yes, Yurina is really 181 cm tall – Berryz Kobo International
At last, we have confirmation!

Yurumerumo! Build a Rocket Ship to Escape the End of the World in the MV for “Yume Nante”! – Tokyo Girls Update
Abandoning the world while everyone else dies? That isn’t very idol.

Lucky 7 Idols for Tokyo Idol Festival 2015? Check it Yo! – Tokyo Girls Update
Pointing out some highlights worth seeing if you make it to the fest.

World Wide Wota-gei at Tokyo Idol Festival! Collaboration Stage with Wa→Suta, Mel Kishida, and Ginyu-Tokusentai! – Tokyo Girls Update
Learn from the best.

underbeasty : Visual Kei Idol Rock Group – Pure Idol Heart
Gaki profiles this indie idol group who just released their debut single.

A Storybook Beginning? Houkago Princess Unveil MV for “Seifuku Cinderella”! – Tokyo Girls Update
Details on the group’s major label album debut.

Stand on Your Tiptoe! Color Pointe Released Their First Mini Album All Around the World! – Tokyo Girls Update
Electro pop ballet idols? As I always answer, Why the hell not?

Hottest Japanese music releases of August – Land of Rising Sound
Alex Shenmue points us to the highlights.

HKT48 History Book “Kusatara, Make” – J-Pop Idols
For posterity.

Idol College – Be my Zombie – J-Pop Idols
Again, why the hell not? Details on the single, including track lists.

Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 – Part 5 – Happy Disco
Otome Port and Camouflage are among those profiled this time.

Oshi (July 2015) – Morning Girls On The Run
Thennary updates her favorites.

A Chilly Tune to Conquer the Summer Heat – Trident’s ‘Blue Snow’ Mini-Album Review – Okay! Musume Time
Chiima looks back at this winter-themed release from January.

Hyadain no ‘Girlpop!’ 14th Nov 2014 (Guest:Michishige Sayumi) – Ice Cream & My Jiggly
An interesting conversation between two giants of the idol world.

SKE48 at Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 – J-Pop Idols
The set list for their performance.

GEM – Baby, Love Me!! – J-Pop Idols
Details on the group’s single, including track lists and video.

Recommended Kpop Reading: August 1, 2015


Ray’s Picks

Grab Your Drinks and Dance Shoes For Beast’s “YeY” – seoulbeats
Lo finds this a wildly successful experiment that needs to continue.

Jiyeon posts teaser for “So Crazy” & this basically can’t go badly already – Asian Junkie
This sounds promising and the outfits look great.

Wonder Girls release “I Feel You” teaser & “Reboot” album preview and I’m so nervous – Asian Junkie
I’m sharing the same concerns about the band concept and whether or not it will be used.

SME officially files suit against Kris just like they did Luhan, nothing changes again – Asian Junkie
Kris claims forced hiatus, discrimination, health issues in statement + siding with idols – Asian Junkie
The drama continues. Yawn.

Recommended Eyecandy+ Reading: August 1, 2015


Ray’s Picks

2015-07-30 SNH48 Team HII member Chen Yixin – Shanghai48s
Hanging out with celebrities!

2015-07-30 SNH48 Team X member Shao Xuecong – Shanghai48s
Gorgeous selfies.

NMB48 Sayaka Yamamoto “Kiseki no Saikai” on Bessatsu Young Champion Magazine – HEBIROTE AKB48
Sayanee in another stellar pictorial.

Instagram Update: Lizzy – 150731 – AfterSchoolDaze ♥
Fantaken Flick: Lizzy – 150728 – AfterSchoolDaze ♥
The Orange Caramel celebrates her birthday. I especially love the shot with the cake face sliced up and Lizzy standing there with the knife in it. Sexy!

Trendsetting queens BAMBINO pose in spread for HIM – Asian Junkie
Hallyu bikini goodness.

Nine Muses’ Euaerin relaxing by the pool in a bikini with Sungah – Asian Junkie
And even more.

HKT48 Mio Tomonaga “Mabushi sugite Natsu” on EX Taishu Magazine – HEBIROTE AKB48
A very nice, fresh-faced photo spread with the HKT beauty.

Recommended Drama Reading: August 1, 2015


Ray’s Picks

NHK BS Premium Drama Special 2015 ~ Dokugan Hanayome Dochuu – Jdrama Weblog
A look at the new drama starring Kuriyama Chiaki.

Enka ~ Gold Rush ~ Episode 1 – HamsapSukebe
Akiramike likes the dark comedy of this teacher-driven drama.

MIFF 2015 : Yakuza Apocalypse / Gokudou Daisensou – HamsapSukebe
The first three words of the article kinda sums things up.

~ 「TGIF!」Idol♥’s unzipped on way back Fridays features samurai idol-ism, stinky eats & a Freudian slip for the ages! (Volume 80) – モーニングBerryz48
MB shares her favorite Ueto Aya movie.

Recommended Jpop♀ Reading: July 30, 2015


Ray’s Picks

You’ll Melt More – Literature and Destroy – J-Pop Idols
Details on the single, including tracklist and cover.

Gacharic Spin at the 2015 J-Pop Summit – J-Pop Idols
Bay Area, here they come!

AKB48 Members Top10: All Natural AKB48 Beauties – AKB48WrapUp
A list backed up well by eyecandy choices.

Social Idol Group notall Celebrate Miraculous 1st Anniversary at Shinjuku ReNY! – Tokyo Girls Update
A great show report with many photos.

Chisato Okai (℃-ute) Interview Part 1 Supported by Tokyo Idol Project! – Tokyo Girls Update
Chisato Okai (℃-ute) Interview Part 2 Supported by Tokyo Idol Project! – Tokyo Girls Update
A fascinating, even revelatory interview with Chisato. Definitely made me think of her in an even better light.

LinQ Select Hyadain to Produce Their 7th Single “LinQuest- Yagate Densetsu e…”! – Tokyo Girls Update
Well, it’s a smart choice to make, right?

5 Japanese Music Videos you need to watch! – Land of Rising Sound
Alex Shenmue serves up some eclectic choices and old favorites to expand your musical horizons.

AKB48 41st Single “Halloween Night” Cover Artworks – HEBIROTE AKB48
Something tells me I shouldn’t like these covers but I really do. And that goes for both the disco covers as well as the Andrew Lloyd Weber-esque costume covers!

In-Coming! It’s The Summer Baka!? Let’s Look at’s ‘Otsukare Summer’ MV! – Okay! Musume Time
Can Chiima match the manic energy of Dempa’s video with her comments? Do you really need to ask?

Can You Dig it? It’s a Boo-gie Wonderland in AKB48 ‘s MV for “Halloween Night”! – Tokyo Girls Update
I’m pretty sure I’m going to like this one. I especially appreciate that the folks dancing look like they actually lived through the disco era and are clearly having a blast.

What I like about H!P (H!P Maruwakari Winter 2015) – Ice Cream & My Jiggly
Momoko’s answer made me laugh out loud.

Tokyo Girls’ Update Recommend: Our Favorite MVs for Songs Released July 2015 – Tokyo Girls Update
A great selection for those wanting to catch up.

Yurumerumo! (You’ll Melt More) – “Yume Nante” MV – Neaux Clicked on It
Neaux will survive.

Fantasy TIF2015 Schedule – True Life Seek
A fun idea, though it all seems so exhausting.