June 7, 2014


Tweets On The AKB Election – Part 2

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On to the top ranking idols and comments afterwards.


Tweets On The AKB Election – Part 1

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The big event is here and wota have a great deal to say about it!

May 25, 2014


Tweets On The AKB Handshake Incident

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Here are the first few hours of reactions from the Idolminded Tweetstream. It reflects the confusion, disbelief, anger, and sorrow that many felt upon hearing the news.

May 17, 2014



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Recommended Eyecandy+: Miyawaki Sakura Video

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A look at the rising AKB idol in action!


Recommended Tweets: May 17, 2014

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Two-shots, two-shots, two-shots! Aim tweets another H!P concert!


Trying Something New

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Hi there! We’re trying s new approach to the site. Thank you for being patient as we futz around with it.

May 16, 2014


Recommended Tweets: May 16, 2014

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At the Babyraids show! Tomochin’s new album! Jpop idols to AV idols? What’s this about EXO?

May 15, 2014

Recommended Tweets: May 15, 2014

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Will you be seeing them in New York? Yabu gets a girlfriend! Looking back at Okada Yukiko.

May 14, 2014


Recommended Tweets: May 14, 2014

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What’s going on with this group? Crests explores indie idol groups! Steve watches Japanese TV shows! Chiima steals chocolate!

May 13, 2014


Recommended Tweets: May 13, 2014

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More fun with the Virgin Club! SNH48 eyecandy! Kalafina’s adorable shark-lover! Can you campaign too much for the AKB senbatsu?

May 12, 2014


Recommended Tweets: May 12, 2014

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Oh No! Vanilla Beans on Vine! Aim tweets an H!P concert! Crest tweets a whole lot!

May 11, 2014


Recommended Tweets: May 11, 2014

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Senbatsu election appeal videos! Arashi, those adorable idiots! How to get happi!

May 10, 2014


Recommended Tweets: May 10, 2014

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Really, C-ute? Finishing the AKB game! Momusu’s twelfth gen auditions! The glue gun returns! Aim has an identity crisis!

May 9, 2014


Recommended Tweets: May 9, 2014

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The 48G electioneering begins! Messages from Nino Jima! Aim watches a NEWS concert! And more!

May 8, 2014


Recommended Tweets: May 8, 2014

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Playing the new AKB game app! Learning AKB abbreviations! Captain eyecandy!

May 3, 2014


Recommended Tweets: May 3, 2014

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AKB48 two-shots! Crests watches Ooku!

May 2, 2014


Recommended Tweets: May 2, 2014

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Living the life! A long dialogue on many things 48G! Baby talk! Gem!

May 1, 2014


Recommended Tweets: May 1, 2014

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When idols feel each other up! Chiima and AimXAim have another round of uber-tweeting! How much respect do idols deserve?

April 30, 2014


Today’s Haikucandy: Anri Sugihara

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Skin them all!


Recommended Tweets: April 30, 2014

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Takahashi Minami announces her graduation plans! More tributes to Sayumi! BiS release their bikini video!

April 29, 2014


Today’s Haikucandy: Yumoto Misaki

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Smell em, knock on em…


Recommended Tweets: April 29, 2014

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Reactions to Sayumi’s graduation news continues to pour inn! Idolminded is watching you closely! And more!


Recommended Tweets: Michishige Sayumi Announces Graduation From Morning Musume

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Initial reactions on the popular idol’s departure from Morning Musume.


A closer look at the AKB janken tounrnament! Itano Tomomi’s boyfriend confirmed? And more!

Recommended Jpop♀ Reading: September 19, 2014

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~Fuzzy memories…原田知世…sweet♥ J-Pop for your Wednesday – モーニングBerryz48
MB looks back on Harada Tomoyo, which includes MB sharing a personal reminiscence of Hawaiian TV station KIKU.

JS Idol Spotlight: Pocchimo – This Is Your Wake Up Call!
Trailblazer profiles this recently-formed trio of actresses and models.

JPop Idol Group Punishment for Dating 8 Million Yen Lawsuit – Pure Idol Heart
Gaki takes a closer look at this controversial decision and what it may signal about the idol industry.

FEMM Reveals Teaser Video “Whiplash” For Their First Album! – Tokyo Girls Update
The Joyce Carol Oates of Jpop strike again.

Trattoria Buono! #76 (2014.09.13) – Hello! Pro Radio
The trio discuss karaoke and respect for the aged, then dish out workplace advice on office politics. No, really.

BiS Left Legend – The Live Footage for “nerve”, The Last Song from the Final Concert Revealed! – Tokyo Girls Update
Paying heed to Neil Young’s advice.

EXILE’s TAKAHIRO caught in blog pic of former AKB48 member Itano Tomomi – Asian Junkie
She’s no longer an idol so, y’know, good for her.

SxWxAxGxGxY T☆ – モーニングBerryz48
MB gives us her usual, complete lowdown on Tomochin’s first solo album.

Chu-Z – Bombastic – J-Pop Idols
Details on the group’s first major label single, with tracklist and video.

Budokan? Breakup? Watch Babyraids’ Tour Final @Tokyo Cinema Club on Ustream and Find Out! – Tokyo Girls Update
The suspense isn’t killing me.

H!P Treasure Box: Suzuki Kanon – Yume no Kawa
The cheerful Musume gets her turn in the spotlight.

AKB48 Janken Tournament: A Battle of Fists and Fashion – Tokyo Girls Update
A great report on the event and some truly wonderful pics!

Morning Musume ’14 no Morning Jogakuin ~Houkago Meeting~ #126 (2014.08.30) – Hello! Pro Radio
The idols discuss the end of summer (still…), songs they want to sing solo, and answer fan mail.

misono- “UCHI! UCHI! ROCK~取り扱い説明書~” MV – Neaux Clicked on It
I thought she’d quit! Or did she come back? Or… oh, wait. I don’t care.

Nakajima Saki no °C-ute na Jikan #139 (2014.08.30) (guest: Yajima Maimi) – Hello! Pro Radio
Maimi talks about her abs. Do you really need anything else?

H!P Treasure Box: Sugaya Risako – Yume no Kawa
Kate turns her attention to the youngest Berryz.

Hatsune Miku to perform on David Letterman before MIKU EXPO 2014 – Selective Hearing
So, is Dave going to treat this act as a weirdo novelty from Japan or a serious creative expression? Lay your bets, folks.

Not Yet Already 2014.5.10 1st Live – J-Pop Idols
Now more like Already Done.

We are Juice=Juice #50 (2014.09.16) – Hello! Pro Radio
The first anniversary voice blogs continue!


NEWS gets new variety show! Magi-Kat profiles ALMA KAMINIITO! And more!

Recommended Jpop♂ Reading: September 19, 2014

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NEWS to have a New Variety Show – JE fandom
On 4X9 the four member of NEWS will interact with nine people on the internet, and visit them on-location. Sounds like To Catch A Predator with an idol twist.

Johnny’s-Watcher Rumor Round-Up (Digest 012) – JE fandom
Lots of dating rumors here, including Shibasaki Kou and Miyake Ken!

Soul Path or “Spirit Lane is in my ears…” – Magi-Kat presents “Morning Meteora”
Kat provides a comprehensive look at the UFA act of ALMA KAMINIITO – and yes, they are male, and were actually the inaugural group of the Sato Movement!


T-ara go And&End! BESTie become police ambassadors! And more!

Recommended Kpop Reading: September 19, 2014

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T-ara Goes Over the “And&End” – seoulbeats
Lo finds the shift from high energy to a more gentle sound a pleasing decision on this mini-album.

Former Dal Shabet, Jewelry, M.I.L.K members star in 19+ movie trailer for “A Pharisee” – Asian Junkie
Naked ex-idols is always enough to get my attention, too.

[Review] TaeTiSeo’s “Holler” is basically SNSD on cruise control – Asian Junkie
The Yellow Slug finds a lack of risks made up for by a very polished delivery.

BESTie become police ambassadors, end crime with police version of “I Need You” video – Asian Junkie
I didn’t care about BESTie, but cute girls cosplaying as cops will always grab my attention. Cuff me and read me my rights!

YG Entertainment’s Unique Unicorn Boy Band Uniq – seoulbeats
YG makes a play for the Chinese market with this new male group.


SNH48 tease their UZA video!

Recommended Cpop Reading: September 19, 2014

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2014-09-19 At 11am CST on 9/19, the SNH48 Shop will start… – Shanghai48s
These look real nice! I wouldn’t mind getting some of these.

SNH48 members in dresses for the 《呜吒》 (UZA) MV – Shanghai48s
These are nice…

SNH48 members in costume for the 《呜吒》 (UZA) MV – Shanghai48s
… But these are even better! Very badass and sexy.

Snh48 – 《呜吒》 (Uza) Mv Teaser – Shanghai48s
I must admit, I’m intrigued if this is headed towards some kind of high fantasy plot.

[Audio] Snh48 – 呜吒 (Uza) – Shanghai48s
Give the song a listen!


More from the AKB janken tournament!

Recommended Eyecandy+ Reading: September 19, 2014

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NMB48 Miyuki Watanabe Shu Yabushita “YC Sister” on Young Champion Retsu – HEBIROTE AKB48
Another NMB48 bikini duo extravaganza!

渡辺麻友 Shared publicly  –  Yesterday 9:04… – Jurina48
武藤十夢 Shared publicly  –  Yesterday 4:11… – Jurina48
松井珠理奈 – Jurina48
松井珠理奈 – Jurina48
松井珠理奈 – Jurina48
武藤十夢 – Jurina48
入山杏奈 – Jurina48
More from the janken tournament, mostly focused on Matsui Jurina. Extra points to Iriyama Anna for the Sailor Mars outfit.

柏木由紀 – Jurina48
Kashiwagi Yuki looking quite long and sexy.

Photo – Jurina48
Shimazaki Haruka looks fantastic in this casual shot!

木﨑ゆりあ – Jurina48
Kizaki Yuria about town.

AKB48 Haruna Kojima Sailor Moon bras lingerie sets – HEBIROTE AKB48
Another look at Kojiharu’s sexy interpretation of a Sailor Scout.


Results of the AKB janken tournament! Possible tracklist for Morning Musume album! And more!

Recommended Jpop♀ Reading: September 17, 2014

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Ray’s Picks

Berryz’ closing statements from their 2014 Budokan Live – Ice Cream & My Jiggly
Each of the members get their say.

Possible tracklist for Morning Musume ’14’s album released! – Sakura Mankai
Ikuta Kate pieces together some info and shares her opinion.

Sparkling Success, GEM!! Report on Their First Solo Live at Shinjuku-BLITZ. – Tokyo Girls Update
A report that captures the excitement of the event, along with photos of the performance.

Kimi to Boku Fairy Tale Horror Romance Idols – Pure Idol Heart
More idol morbidness.

Prizmmy – Jumpin’! Dancin’! – J-Pop Idols
Details on the single, including tracklists and videos.

Trailer Movie of Kokuritsu Live by Momoclo arrived!! – Tokyo Girls Update
This DVD promises Momoclo on a truly epic scale.

Team Makenki – Mugen, Fly High – J-Pop Idols
Details on the supergroup’s single, including tracklist and video.

Itano Tomomi Live Tour S×W×A×G – J-Pop Idols
I have to say, the photos and costumes remind me of a mini-Namie all over again.

Cheeky Parade Interviews the Designer of Unique World Idol, Hello Kitty – Tokyo Girls Update
An interesting summit of kawaii-ness.

Hello! Project Now. Tsugunaga Momoko (B.L.T. July 2014) – Ice Cream & My Jiggly
Momoko being Momoko.

Cool New Idol Videos! – This Is Your Wake Up Call!
Trailblazer shares some indie idol videos that caught his attention.

AKB48 Janken Tournament 2014 Results – J-Pop Idols
Congratulations to Watanabe Miyuki! And here’s the results from each and every match in the tournament.

AKB48 38th Single – J-Pop Idols
Watanabe Mayu and Miyawaki Sakura are the centers for this release.

Ss1422 #87 (2014.09.14) – Hello! Pro Radio
A special guest is brought in to act out a turtle drama.

Akb48「♡のプラカード」 – モーニングBerryz48
MB dives in deep into Kokoro no Placard, with every aspect you can imagine.


Win tickets to X Japan in New York! Further details on Arashi’s Hawaii show! And more!

Recommended Jpop♂ Reading: September 17, 2014

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Ray’s Picks

ザ モーニング卵 September 15th, 2014 – モーニングBerryz48
MB gives us updates and more informtion on Arashi’s big Hawaii show.

X Japan Contest: WeAreXposed Tickets – Shattered-Tranquility.net
And if you can’t be at the land of Aloha, why not go to the Big Apple for a different Jpop experience? And a VIP one, at that!

A.B.C.-Z Wraps-Up their Summer Tour – JE fandom
Johnny Kitagawa approved, so that’s a good thing.

Bits & Pieces 004 – JE fandom
Various news on Yamapi, Shingo, TOKIO, and others.


TaeTiSeo let out a Holler! Also, a tribute video to EunB and RiSe.

Recommended Kpop Reading: September 17, 2014

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Ray’s Picks

Triple Tragedy Triangle: Bad News Comes in Threes or Wake Me Up When September Ends – Magi-Kat presents “Morning Meteora”
Kat pays tribute to the idols who have died in recent weeks.

Ladies’ Code Unveil Heartwarming Tribute to EunB & Rise in ‘I’m Fine Thank You’ Video – Billboard
Maybe someday I’ll be able to watch this, right now it was just too painful and heartbreaking.

KPOP Highlight: N*White- “Hello Boy” MV – Neaux Clicked on It
Needz moar lite saber battling.

Girls’ Generation-TTS on Why New ‘Holler’ EP Represents Their ‘Mind, Body and Soul’ – Billboard
A very nice in-depth interview with the trio, definitely worth a read.

“Sugar Free” AKA Slay-ARA is Dead – seoulbeats
Nabeela can’t hide the disappointment.

Little to No Love for Spica.S’s “Give Your Love” – seoulbeats
There are times when I read something and think, “I wish I wrote that.” I found it right here: “The MV isn’t bad, nor is the song. In fact, both are so hopelessly underwhelming, subscribing to a scale of “good” vs. “bad” seems completely inconsequential.” Good Lord, that is a grade A smackdown right there.

TaeTiSeo’s “Holler” music video delivers exactly what I wanted – Asian Junkie
Absolute delight about getting what one wants from an idol group.


AKB janken tournament costumes! Koike Rina! Watanabe Miyuki! Mukaichi Mion! And more!

Recommended Eyecandy+ Reading: September 17, 2014

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Ray’s Picks

Dave unboxes Nounen Rena 1st photobook Guri Guri Gurumi – New School Kaidan
Dave takes us on a tour through this artsy photobook.

AKB48 Mion Mukaichi “Song for New Generations” on Entame Magazine – HEBIROTE AKB48
More proof that the future of AKB is in good hands, eyecandy-wise.

西野未姫 – Jurina48
Nishino Miki showing her fun side. I especially like the rabbit outfit.

小島瑠璃子 – Jurina48
Kojima Ruriko, as vivacious as ever.

ヤングマガジン 2014 No.42 佐野ひなこ – Jurina48
Sano Hinako looking tanned and refreshed.

渡辺麻友 – Jurina48
The queen takes a dip.

小池里奈 – Jurina48
小池里奈 – Jurina48
小池里奈 – Jurina48
小池里奈 – Jurina48
Koike Rina, again effectively reminding us that she’s all grown up.

松井玲奈 – Jurina48
Matsui Rena, presumably reading Fifty Shades of Grey.

渡辺美優紀  薮下柊 – Jurina48
Watanabe Miyuki and Yabushita Shu hanging out in bikinis…

渡辺美優紀 – Jurina48
渡辺美優紀 – Jurina48
… And here’s some solo Milky!

入山杏奈 – Jurina48
Iriyama Anna looking very elegant and mature.

AKB48 Haruna Kojima Turns Pretty Sexy Guardian Sailor Moon!! – Tokyo Girls Update
小嶋陽菜 – Jurina48
小嶋陽菜 – Jurina48
This is almost as sexy as the gender-switching Sailor Stars! Almost.

松岡菜摘 – Jurina48
朝長美桜 – Jurina48
渋谷凪咲 – Jurina48
小嶋菜月 – Jurina48
岩立沙穂 – Jurina48
石田安奈 – Jurina48
Various costumes worn at the AKB48 janken tournament this year!

Photo – Jurina48
I’ve had nights like this, but they usually end in tears and accusations, not smiles.


Never Ending Music Power on hiatus! (Sorta.)

Recommended Community Reading: September 17, 2014

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Sort of hiatus – Never Ending Music Power
Seeking a balance with her new projects, Thennary explains her intentions for the blog and plans for the future.


Morning Musume to announce twelfth gen members at the Budokan! Girls Beat!! announce second gen auditions! And more!

Recommended Jpop♀ Reading: September 15, 2014

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Ray’s Picks

Trattoria Buono! #75 (2014.09.06) – Hello! Pro Radio
Momoko talks about wanting a little sister so that a sibling can brag about her.

Lovely Doll – Setsunatsu, Diver – J-Pop Idols
Details on the group’s second major single. And while kinda eye-scorching, I really like those orange and yellow outfits in that one photo.

Fairies – Bling Bling my Love – J-Pop Idols
Details on the group’s ninth single, including track list and video.

Ito Nene, Yada Risako, Yonetoku Kyoka to graduate from Nogizaka46 – J-Pop Idols
Does this count as a mass exodus?

Tsunku♂’s True Thought for Next single “TIKI BUN” – Tokyo Girls Update
A peek behind the creative mind.

Old-BiS member Megumi Koshoji Appears in Seiko Oomori’s MV! – Tokyo Girls Update
Good to see former idols still finding work.

Yumemiru Adolescence – Shoumei Teenager – J-Pop Idols
Details on the group’s fourth single.

Hello Pro Kenshuusei – Karen na Gasshoudan – J-Pop Idols
Details on the new single, including which Kenshuusei are on it and tracklist.

2ch: Yajima Maimi-san, under the impression that Daaishi & Marin are part of the staff – Ice Cream & My Jiggly
Give her time and she’ll get used to the noobs.

BZS1422 #110 (2014.08.24) (guest: Sudo Maasa) – Hello! Pro Radio
The girls talk about the end of summer and any plans left, as well as the difficulties of blogging.

Yamamoko Sayaka (NMB48) in a CM for a solar system – J-Pop Idols
Well, she sure lights up my life.

Konya mo Usachan Peace #409 (2014.08.25) – Hello! Pro Radio
Sayu talks about how the current Musumes would fare in an intelligence test.

Selective Hearing’s News Roundup – Selective Hearing
Starmarie become app spokesidols!

Yui Yokoyama’s Kyoto Homecoming During AKB48’s Nationwide Tour! – Tokyo Girls Update
A great report, including lots of photos and setlist.

The Possible – 1116 – J-Pop Idols
Details on the new album, including tracklist and a music video.

Morning Musume ’14 announced when they will announce the 12th gen! – Sakura Mankai
I guess I can wait a couple more weeks.

Morning Musume ’14 announced their 14th album! – Sakura Mankai
The last album with Sayumi.

H!P Treasure Box: Hagiwara Mai – Yume no Kawa
The youngest C-ute gets her turn.

Morning Musume’s 12th generation: My Kenshuusei Picks. – Yume no Kawa
Kate explains why of the Eggs should be in Morning Musume or a new unit and why. It would be absolutely fantastic if Rikako makes it into Momusu.

Oda Sakura- Two years of Suppin UtaHime – Yume no Kawa
She’s certainly grown into her idol role.

Girls Beat!! Announces auditions for a second generation! – Sakura Mankai
Growing the group already? Seems like plan are afoot.

Three Idol Groups That You Need Know – Pure Idol Heart
Gaki picks out three more indie idols that we should be paying attention to.

2ch: Words of Wisdom from Tsugunaga Momoko a.k.a. Momochi lolololol – Ice Cream & My Jiggly
That one photo of her in the truck is pretty sexy for reasons I can’t place.

Company of girl group Mecha High demands money from fans who dated members – Asian Junkie
Doesn’t that become retroactive prostitution?

Morning Musume.’14 To Unveil New Members At Nippon Budokan On September 30! – Tokyo Girls Update
Photos and the setlist from the announcement about the announcement.

Kasai Tomomi – Ima Sarasara – J-Pop Idols
Details on the ex-AKB’s fourth solo single, including tracklists and video.

This week in music 09.17.2014 – New School Kaidan
UFA supergroup Team Makenki headlines this week’s idol offerings.


Is Okada Junichi MCing this year’s Kohaku Uta Gassen?

Recommended Jpop♂ Reading: September 15, 2014

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Ray’s Picks

Okada Junichi to MC Kohaku Uta Gassen 2014? – JE fandom
We’ll find out the decision soon enough.

Rants & Raves : King of All Media – JE fandom
Various news, including a Johnny’s who’s decided to take the ALS ice bucket challenge.