June 7, 2014


Tweets On The AKB Election – Part 2

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On to the top ranking idols and comments afterwards.


Tweets On The AKB Election – Part 1

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The big event is here and wota have a great deal to say about it!

May 25, 2014


Tweets On The AKB Handshake Incident

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Here are the first few hours of reactions from the Idolminded Tweetstream. It reflects the confusion, disbelief, anger, and sorrow that many felt upon hearing the news.

May 17, 2014



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Recommended Eyecandy+: Miyawaki Sakura Video

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A look at the rising AKB idol in action!


Recommended Tweets: May 17, 2014

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Two-shots, two-shots, two-shots! Aim tweets another H!P concert!


Trying Something New

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Hi there! We’re trying s new approach to the site. Thank you for being patient as we futz around with it.

May 16, 2014


Recommended Tweets: May 16, 2014

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At the Babyraids show! Tomochin’s new album! Jpop idols to AV idols? What’s this about EXO?

May 15, 2014

Recommended Tweets: May 15, 2014

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Will you be seeing them in New York? Yabu gets a girlfriend! Looking back at Okada Yukiko.

May 14, 2014


Recommended Tweets: May 14, 2014

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What’s going on with this group? Crests explores indie idol groups! Steve watches Japanese TV shows! Chiima steals chocolate!

May 13, 2014


Recommended Tweets: May 13, 2014

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More fun with the Virgin Club! SNH48 eyecandy! Kalafina’s adorable shark-lover! Can you campaign too much for the AKB senbatsu?

May 12, 2014


Recommended Tweets: May 12, 2014

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Oh No! Vanilla Beans on Vine! Aim tweets an H!P concert! Crest tweets a whole lot!

May 11, 2014


Recommended Tweets: May 11, 2014

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Senbatsu election appeal videos! Arashi, those adorable idiots! How to get happi!

May 10, 2014


Recommended Tweets: May 10, 2014

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Really, C-ute? Finishing the AKB game! Momusu’s twelfth gen auditions! The glue gun returns! Aim has an identity crisis!

May 9, 2014


Recommended Tweets: May 9, 2014

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The 48G electioneering begins! Messages from Nino Jima! Aim watches a NEWS concert! And more!

May 8, 2014


Recommended Tweets: May 8, 2014

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Playing the new AKB game app! Learning AKB abbreviations! Captain eyecandy!

May 3, 2014


Recommended Tweets: May 3, 2014

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AKB48 two-shots! Crests watches Ooku!

May 2, 2014


Recommended Tweets: May 2, 2014

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Living the life! A long dialogue on many things 48G! Baby talk! Gem!

May 1, 2014


Recommended Tweets: May 1, 2014

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When idols feel each other up! Chiima and AimXAim have another round of uber-tweeting! How much respect do idols deserve?

April 30, 2014


Today’s Haikucandy: Anri Sugihara

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Skin them all!


Recommended Tweets: April 30, 2014

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Takahashi Minami announces her graduation plans! More tributes to Sayumi! BiS release their bikini video!

April 29, 2014


Today’s Haikucandy: Yumoto Misaki

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Smell em, knock on em…


Recommended Tweets: April 29, 2014

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Reactions to Sayumi’s graduation news continues to pour inn! Idolminded is watching you closely! And more!


Recommended Tweets: Michishige Sayumi Announces Graduation From Morning Musume

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Initial reactions on the popular idol’s departure from Morning Musume.


New details about PASSPO’s next album. 10 questions about Miyamoto Karin. Chia has H!P goods! And more!

Recommended Jpop♀ Reading: October 25, 2014

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Brian’s Picks

PASSPO☆ Reveals More Details About Upcoming Best-Of Album “TRACKS” – Tokyo Girls’ Update
I need to say how much it pains me that they are re-recording “Shoujo Hikou.” As much Universal wants to pretend she didn’t, Sakuma Kaho existed damnit!

H!P Treasure box: Miyamoto Karin – Yume no Kawa
Kate’s Treasure Box series moves on to Miyamoto Karin.

Hello! Project GETS! (10-23-2014) TIKI BUN CD’s~ – Chia’s Blog
Chia shares the goods that came along with some recent purchases. And unboxing videos!

Moso Calibration – Kanashimi Calibration – J-Pop Idols
Tetho has the details on the next single for this group and a music video. This isn’t even the first time that I’ve seen parking lot idols.

misono – Uchi – Kurayami Monogatari
Solarblade has a review for misono’s fourth album. The one that she needed to sell 10,000 to continue her career. She didn’t.

モーニング娘。’14 SPメドレー MUSIC STATION 2014.10.24 – H!P Videos
Have you watched it yet?

Let’s come up with a catchphrase for Kumai-chan (+1) – Wota in Translation
Going with Telephone Pole for my vote.


Hey, Lee Hi surfaces! A thorough Sugar Free review from TiaraDiadem. Nicole collaberates with Sweetune! Neaux is in HiNi’s clutches. And more! Wait there isn’t more, it was all a lie.

Recommended Kpop Reading: October 25, 2014

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Brian’s Picks

Lee Hi to Make Return to Music Programs with Epik High’s “Happen Ending” – Soompi
What’s this? The elusive Lee Hi? Epik High’s comeback is a gift that keeps on giving.

KPOP Highlight: HiNi- “Clutch Bag” MV – Neaux Clicked on It
Neaux is jamming to this R&B throwback.

Review: Sugar Free – T-ara’s venture into EDM – TiaraDiadem
As the “Sugar Free” promotions wrap up, craZy of the TiaraDiadem crew looks at every aspect of T-ara’s recent release. It’s a very thorough look at every aspect that comes with a kpop release. As for me, I loved “Sugar Free” but the music video is still too much for me to handle.

Nicole Joins Hands with Producer Sweetune for Solo Debut – Soompi
This is old news but gives me a chance to say how excited I am for Nicole’s comeback. Especially now that it’s in the hands of Kara’s best hitmaker.


Two music videos that you should check out and see if you enjoy! From SISP and 陳嘉琦 Aiko.

Recommended Cpop Reading: October 25, 2014

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Brian’s Picks

SISP – Bling Baby – Cpopwonderland
If you are a fan of A Pink, you just might like this!

陳嘉琦 Aiko – 飛向愛 Flying Love – Cpopwonderland
But this one I recommend just a bit more. It’s got a great sound to it and a cute music video with a cat.


T.O.P, HKT48, AKB48, Lee Hyori, you know the deal.

Recommended Eyecandy+ Reading: October 25, 2014

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Brian’s Picks

Lee Hyori – Elle Magazine October Issue ‘14 & Cosmopolitan Magazine November Issue ‘14 – omonatheydidnt
A stunning Lee Hyori in these photoshoots. The fourth picture is my favorite.

Kojina Yui – Hashirepiplup
The HKT48 member should start a new Team Bee subunit.

Scans: T.O.P for High Cut (Volume 132) [PHOTOS] – Big Bang Updates
T.O.P just looking sexy as hell. Is that being redundant?

渡辺麻友 – Jurina48
渡辺麻友 – Jurina48
Watanabe Mayu is the queen in green.

Girls’ Generation-TTS MIXXO Japan – SNSD Pics
Who’s getting ready for snow? TTS is!

HKT48 Haruka Kodama “Nameraka na Kirameki” on Monthly Young Magazine – Hebirote AKB48
Another Haruppi magazine shoot.

島崎遥香 – Jurina48
Shimazaki Haruka as a flower girl.

川本紗矢 – Jurina48
The Team B draftee Kawamoto Saya.


Magi-Kat celebrates a special cake day!

Recommended Community Reading: October 24, 2014

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Ray’s Picks

M³ Cake Day 2014 – An Introspective – Magi-Kat presents “Morning Meteora”
It’s been a busy day for me and somehow this article slipped past my usual RSS reading and almost went unnoticed. Almost. Luckily, I caught it just in time, so here’s a Community post at the tail end of tonight’s activity instead of the beginning – and warmest wishes on a landmark blogging anniversary for Kat! It’s been quite encouraging to see one of the old-timers – from Vox, even! – make a return to idol blogging and do so stronger than ever.

Kat has never been shy about the influence that Intl Wota and Idolminded has had on her as an idol blogger. Because of her, I had mentioned writing something about IM’s current state last week, but I never got around to it so I guess I’ll make a quick comment here. In the past few months, activity on Idolminded has slowed down considerably – the decision to stop posting daily was not taken lightly, but it was a necessity and now IM has become a comfortable routine again instead of the bane of my existence. At one point I thought I’d embrace the insanity and try to really jack up daily activity on IM, but if I had given in to that temptation I’d’ve likely crash-and-burned again, which I certainly don’t want.

In case there are any worriers out there, be assured that there is no plan to end IM any time in the near future. There are still too many wonderful idol bloggers such as Kat and interesting idol news that I think deserve to be showcased and shared in whatever small way this site can provide. That said, the climb back to more content in IM beyond the thrice-weekly linkblogging will be a difficult one in the coming months. I want it to happen, but there’s so much else going on that I want to be careful in how I approach it.

So in closing, Happy Cake Day to Kat and as long as she keeps sharing fabulous posts about idols, we’ll keep sharing them here. And the same goes for so many of you other idol bloggers out there – we’re in it for the long haul, and hope you’ll be, too!


Idol Koshien Festival to showcase 140 groups in one day! the number 244 shares his NYC Morning Musume experience! And more!

Recommended Jpop♀ Reading: October 24, 2014

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Brian’s Picks

Top 15 Favorite S/mileage Songs. – Chia’s Blog
Chia has a great post and has a ranking for S/mileage’s top songs. It could be a good read if you know all of these songs or a great way to find new ones! Definitely check it out.

We don’t know why but Otome Shinto Makes Girls’ Baseball Team – Tokyo Girls Update
Baseball seasons are coming to an end but that doesn’t stop Otome Shinto from getting one final game in.

Berryz Kobo release first press bonuses for their last single – Hello! News Service
With six editions and up to fourteen trading cards, there are lots of items that I’m sure will be collector’s items.

Winner of HKT48 Dress-up 48 Halloween Campaign Announced! – Tokyo Girls Update
This is a great opportunity for the hopeful HKT48 fasionista to get noticed!

Ray’s Picks

Homework, homework, homework and a little bit of minecraft – Yume no Kawa
Kate shares her thoughts on the recent H!P additions.

The Berryz Question is Answered – Itsumo Genki
Isilie tackles the group’s imminent hiatus, looking at the devleopment of Berryz and its individual members, as well as contrasting to C-ute. A great must-read thought piece.

TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE unveil covers for new single “Say Long Goodbye / Himawari to Hoshizuku” – Land of Rising Sound
Those tutus are pretty freaking horrible.

Kimura Kaela – TODAY IS A NEW DAY (PV) – Land of Rising Sound
The Jpop veteran is proving she still has what it takes.

Babyraids – Tora Tora Tiger – J-Pop Idols
Details on the group’s eighth single, including tracklists and the cover.

Apologies (TopYell+ 2014 H!P Great Dictionary) – Ice Cream & My Jiggly
Maachan’s apology is the best.

Video Pantsu: LOVELY★DOLL- “Bargain girl” MV short – Neaux Clicked on It
Neaux is seduced by the oohs and ahhs.

Idol Koshien FESTIVAL: One Day, 140 Groups! – Tokyo Girls Update
Several of the groups are singled out for attention in this mammoth idol event.

AKB48 Group Tokyo Dome Concert – J-Pop Idols
Now wouldn’t THAT look incredible on your shelf?

140 Idol Groups Join for Largest Indie Idol Festival to Date – Pure Idol Heart
Gaki shares his own picks from the event.

Morning Musume ’14 in NYC [adventures] – the number 244
A great travelogue and concert review post, certainly a must-read for anyone interested in the event. Definitely worth your time.


Hello Venus returns with two new members! The latest on Ladies Code! And more!

Recommended Kpop Reading: October 24, 2014

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Ray’s Picks

Watch Crayon Pop’s K-Pop Hit ‘Bar Bar Bar’ Get the ABC Sitcom ‘Selfie’ Dancing – Billboard
And hey, the show actually stars a Korean American, too!

Let Super Junior Color Your World With ‘This Is Love’ Video – Billboard
Almost entirely one shot, it’s like Hitchcock’s Rope but with more creepy young males.

Hello Venus to Return With Two New Members – seoulbeats
The departed Pledis members have been replaced for an all-Fantagio six-member line-up.

2NE1 Crush Review – Selective Hearing
Greg reviews the Japanese version of the album, finding it a strong improvement from their Japanese debut a couple years back.

Ladies’ Code’s Ashley, Sojung, Zuny discharged from hospital, recovery still ahead – Asian Junkie
The emphasis should now be on their mental recovery, and apparently their company is allowing that to happen.


A scary accident involving Wilber Pan. Learn more about Angela Chang! SNH48 Team SII debut their new stage! Watch the dance version of UZA!

Recommended Cpop Reading: October 24, 2014

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Brian’s Picks

Singer Wilber Pan suffers head injury; concert cancelled – Focus Taiwan News Channel
In a very scary accident, Wilber Pan fell head-first during an aerial stunt. He’s currently recovering in a hospital. Well wishes to him.

C-Pop Artist Of The Week (Oct. 20 – Oct. 26) – Angela Chang – OneHallyu BBS
This is a forum thread and not a blog but you do not need an account to read it. For a while now, Hemlock has been creating these topics which are great ways to learn new C-pop artists.
Also of note, in the post, Hemlock links back to all the previous in this Artist of the Week series, so check that out as well!

潘瑋柏 – 個人 – Taiwanesefanatic
Quite the emotional song from Wilber.

Ray’s Picks

SNH48 《呜吒》 (UZA) MV – Dance Version – Shanghai48s
I’m severely disappointed by the lack of swords.

SNH48 Team SII starts their new stage 《勇气重生》 (K6 – RESET) on…
Here’s pics and the setlist!


Fukumura Mizuki! Suzuki Airi! Kodama Haruka! And more!

Recommended Eyecandy+ Reading: October 24, 2014

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Brian’s Picks

Seohyun Opens Instagram Account – Soshified
Seohyun on Instagram rounds out the TTS trio – Seohyun, Tiffany, and Taeyeon.

[Pictures] 141021 SNSD Yuri – Cosmopolitan Magazine November 2014 Issue Scan – Smtownsnsd
In news that will shock you all, Yuri looks amazing and beautiful in this photoshoot.

After School’s Nana graces Instyle Magazine – Daily Kpop News
Nana looks gorgeous in this magazine shoot.

Ray’s Picks

山本彩 – Jurina48
Yamamoto Sayaka, apparently about to belt Jailhouse Rock…

2014-10-23 SNH48 Team NII member Lu Ting – Shanghai48s
Looking hungry…

2014-10-23 SNH48 Team NII member Huang TingTing – Shanghai48s
… And looking pretty.

Wallpapers from the year 2011 – Berryz Kobo International
More great idol images from the past.

2014-10-23 SNH48 Team SII member Kong Xiaoyin – Shanghai48s
Working the megane look pretty wonderfully.

鈴木愛理 – Jurina48
鈴木愛理 – Jurina48
鈴木愛理 – Jurina48
鈴木愛理 – Jurina48
Suzuki Airi, showing some range.

木﨑ゆりあ – Jurina48
Kizaki Yuria is lovely, but it’s the sign I’m enjoying.

HKT48 Haruka Kodama “Nameraka na Kirameki” on Monthly Young Magazine – HEBIROTE AKB48
A stellar pictorial from the 48G idol.

渡辺麻友 – Jurina48
渡辺麻友 – Jurina48
Watanabe Mayu gets colorful.

Fukumura Mizuki in Young Gangan – the number 244
Fukuhime in a fun travel pictorial.


JE fandom reviews Gomen ne Seishun’s second episode! A look at upcoming winter dramas!

Recommended Drama Reading: October 24, 2014

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Ray’s Picks

Gomen ne Seishun Episode 2 – JE fandom
Mikuchin is driven to tears AND laughter. In this case, that’s a good sign.

Upcoming Winter 2015 Dramas – Jdrama Weblog
Summaries of dramas for the upcoming season.


Genki Pika Pika shares some music that fits the season. Several idol nostalgia topics! New details about Dempagumi.inc’s next release. And more!

Recommended Jpop♀ Reading: October 23, 2014

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Brian’s Picks

AIRIのプレイリスト ♪ Autumn + Special Halloween ’14 Playlist. – Genki Pika Pika!
Need a playlist for the season? Maybe even some spooky tunes? Airi has a whole list of songs, old and new, that can fit your mood!

Jpop Time Traveller: 2004 Soloist Special – Hachimitsu II
Violetmitsu goes back in time to look at music videos from Matsuura Aya, Hamasaki Ayumi, and Kuraki Mai. Lately, I’ve been feeling pretty nostalgic for these times myself, so this is right up my alley.

S/mileage – SMILE FANTASY! – Kurayami Monogatari
Solarblade has a review for the stageplay single.

Top 30 All Time Favorite Idols #1 – Momoiro Musume 48
This is a new blog to me. NoveKayne was running a Top 30 Idols series (Part 1, Part 2, they are just slideshows though). Without giving it away, it’s a Morning Musume 6th generation member. Reading this post has me thinking about my own all-time favorite idols (NovaKayne’s pick would end up on my list). Anybody else feel this way?

Dempagumi.inc Reveals Artwork & Contents for New Single “Dempari Night” – Tokyo Girls’ Update
This post has all of the details for the upcoming Dempagumi.inc release, which is going to have a cassette tape version.


Utada Hikaru cover album announced! Berryz talk about their autumn tour! And more!

Recommended Jpop♀ Reading: October 22, 2014

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Ray’s Picks

Utada Hikaru cover album to be released in December – Land of Rising Sound
A great way to celebrate Hikki’s fifteenth anniversary as a recording artist.

Oomori Seiko unveils full details for new album「Brainwashing」 – Land of Rising Sound
Further information has been released, including cover art and tracklist.

Chu-Z in new duds – Morning Girls On The Run
Thennary is hoping this means a new single is imminent.

Mariko Goto Reveals Bloodstained Trailer for New Album “Kowareta Hako ni Rinakkusu” – Tokyo Girls Update
Looking to Carrie for inspiration?

St. Bonapro School Closes – This Is Your Wake Up Call!
Trailblazer profiles a young group whose days are now numbered.

Sato Satomi – “Le Jour” – Konno’s Story
Konno Asami discovers a new seiyuu / singer.

Afilia Saga to Release New Single “Japanesque × Romanesque” in November – Tokyo Girls Update
Details on the group’s thirteenth single.

Captain and vice-captain talk about Berryz Kobo’s tour and last single – Ice Cream & My Jiggly
Sounds like the Berryz are very determined to end on a strong note.

Trattoria Buono! #81 (2014.10.18) – Hello! Pro Radio
Momoko helps out a foreigner, and the group talk about sleep.

SS1422 #91 (2014.10.12) (with guest Fukumura Mizuki) – Hello! Pro Radio
Talking about the third generation members.

Team Syachihoko’s New Single “Shampoo Hat” Will Change Their Image? – Tokyo Girls Update
Never mind changing the group’s image, I could watch that cat for HOURS!

Cheeky Parade Meets Rock Royalty & WWF Champ in New York – Tokyo Girls Update
They should try to get the Hulkster to sing on their next single.

Dempagumi Inc. unveil covers for new single “Denpari Night” – Land of Rising Sound
Details on the group’s upcoming single, including some very striking cover art.

Happiness release “Seek A Light” MV, which somehow isn’t about cigs – Asian Junkie
Everybody loves a circus, apparently – especially the wardrobe people.