Recommended Jpop♀ Reading: March 27, 2015 (AKB48 Shuffle & More Edition)


Brian’s Picks

Thoughts on the latest kennin/shuffle business – We’re Namba 1!
A look at how the shuffle affects NMB48. It’s definitely caused some stress for members.

AKB48 40th single senbatsu revealed + SHUFFLE – My Litle World
Ghee reacts to all of the news from the past few days.

48G Spring Shuffle! – jpop girl heaven
tiffa adds in their own reactions to everything that has happened.

3/26 AKB48 SSA Concert Yukirin News Roundup – Kashiwagi Yuki
Another roundup post with a focus on the new NGT48 member

AKB48 Grand Shuffle 2015: Kawaei Rina graduates,Kitahara Rie transfers to NGT48 – allthingsjpop
And another post that breaks down the events.

UNBOXING: Green Flash Type A (AKB48) – Idols48
UNBOXING: Green Flash Type S (AKB48) – Idols48
UNBOXING: Green Flash Type N (AKB48) – Idols48
UNBOXING: Green Flash Type H (AKB48) – Idols48
Why, that’s one of each type!

First look at HKT48 new song “12byou” with double centers Haruppi and Sakura – allthingsjpop
HKT48 performs their new single.

Nogizaka46 11th Single “Inochi wa Utsukushii”, First Week Sales. – Jmanmoonwalk.48
Congrats to Nogizaka46! This is a nice accomplishment.

Ray’s Picks

New Unit Dendenmu Chu! Announced at AKB48 Young Member Concert in Saitama Super Arena! – Tokyo Girls Update
Dendenmu Chu! – AKB48 – J-Pop Idols
Considering how Mukaichi Mion is now my top idol, I’m delighted by the news.

Minami Takahashi Announces Birthday Solo Concert at Zepp Tokyo! – Tokyo Girls Update
Takamina has definitely earned this.

Covers for HKT48’s 5th Single “12 Byo” made public – AKB48WrapUp
The pecking order is pretty clear here.

AKB48 41th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo News – Sakura Mankai
Looking at the first developments of who’s in and who’s out.

SKE48 Matsui Rena will not be participating in AKB48 41st Single Sousenkyo ( & Blog translation ) – AKB48WrapUp
I love Rena but let’s be honest: if she’s in 48G, she ISN’T just competing against herself. Rank definitely matters – just ask the ones who don’t place at all. But if she needs this to keep going forward, so be it.

AKB48 40th Single “Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai” Senbatsu Members announced, Shimazaki Haruka as center – Iriyama Anna declined senbatsu position – AKB48WrapUp
Paruru being enter is great news, but Anna declining a position is quite shocking.

Senbatsu for AKB48′s 40th Single “Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai” and Surprising Team Shuffles Announced at Saitama Super Arena! – Tokyo Girls Update
AKB48 Team Shuffle 2015 – J-Pop Idols
There’s a lot of changes afoot, but by now it’s to be expected from such a large idol collective. It’s like the idols are the blood circulating through the 48G entity’s system, and it has to be kept fresh and moving or the entity collapses.
(And it’s growing new limbs, as Kitahara captaining NGT48 shows! So is this creature a hydra? Never mind.)

Ex-AKB48 manager took hours of illicit hidden camera footage of the members – Asian Junkie
Good Lord.

Rina Kawaei to Graduate from AKB48 : Not be Able to Attend Hand-Shaking Events Was Tough – Tokyo Girls Update
AKB48’s Kawaei Rina, victim of saw attack, announces graduation from group – Asian Junkie
I agree with Asian Junkie’s anger at how Rina was robbed of her idol career. I don’t blame her for quitting, and hope she finds success elsewhere in the industry.

AKB48 Members Surprise Spring Shuffle at Saitama Super Arena (03/26), Kawaei Rina’s Graduation Announcement – AKB48WrapUp
A summary of all the big news in AKB48 these past few days.

AKB48 Spring Shuffle 2015 – who is sulli?
Brian shares his own thoughts on all the news, breaking it down to specific announcements and shifts. His take on NGT48 and the end of the Nogi pact is especially illuminating.

Recommended Jpop♀ Reading: March 27, 2015


Brian’s Picks

Is everyone buckled up? [Yes. I’m always buckled up.] This is big news, you should also put on your helmet. [Alright, I put it on.] You have a helmet? Really? [Umm… no, I was just kidding takes off helmet] – Super Girl Talk
A veteran of attending Tokyo Idol Festivals, Shaun has some enthusiastic thoughts on what might happen in Tokyo Idol Festival 2015. He’s hoping for more iDOL Street acts and a longer set for Doll☆Elements.

C-ute’s 27th Single “The Middle Management ~Josei Chuukan Kanrishoku~ / GamushaLIFE / Tsugi no Kado wo Magare” (MV’s) – Chia’s Blog
Chia shares her thoughts on all three of C-ute’s new songs and videos.

About foreign fans and Suzuki Kanon – Password is IDOLS
Vilma responds to the 2ch thread about foreign H!P fans their reactions to the new Morning Musume music video.

Ray’s Picks

Fairies Release Long-Awaited MV for Their 10th Single “Kiss Me Babe”! – Tokyo Girls Update
Details on the group’s recent double A-side.

Yurumeromo! and Hijo Kaidan Team Up to Take You to the Noise! – Tokyo Girls Update
I remember the BiS collaboration and how the idol aspect added nothing to an interesting noise rock track. In this case, both the noise and the idols are decidedly lackluster. Maybe someone should get Boris to work with AKB48.

Concerning Love Live! – Musume no hoshi
Vimppu shares her thoughts on this idol-centered anime.

Right About Now, the Funk Soul Sisters: They’ve Come a Long Way, Baby – Magi-Kat presents “Morning Meteora”
Kat has high hopes for Morning Musume’s Precure tie-in.

London Get Ready!! HYPER JAPAN Festival is Delivering a Bento Box Overflowing With Hot Artists! – Tokyo Girls Update
Dempagumi and Tokyo Girls Style lead this UK event.

Tokyo Idol Festival is Back for 2015! First Announcements Broadcast From Odaiba! – Tokyo Girls Update
It’s that time of year again! Though when speaking to most wota, they’re probably thinking AKB elections. But there’s this, too.

Live Report: Japan Nite 2015 in Chicago – Selective Hearing
Steve has this report with lots of great photos from the event.

Tokyo Rockets Blast Off With the MV for Their Debut Single “Shunkan Shojo Hokai”! – Tokyo Girls Update
This is the debut of Party Rockets’ sister group.

Team Syachihoko Accomplished with Their First Overseas Performance in Dalian, China! – Tokyo Girls Update
So is it only a matter of time before they come to America?

Zekkyousuru 60do: Screaming Idol Punk Mayhem – Pure Idol Heart
This article is worth it for the two-shot.

A Small River’s True Zither: Mako’s Tidal Wave of an Announcement – Magi-Kat presents “Morning Meteora”
Kat wishes Ogawa Makoto well.

Tiny PREDIANNA Sets a Big “TRAP” in the MV for Their 1st Web Single! – Tokyo Girls Update
This is the sister group of DIANNA☆SWEET, and oh my God the idol boom isn’t ending anytime soon, is it?

Strongest Otaku Unit Shoko-tan♥Dempagumi Flash the Cover Art for Their Collaboration Single “PUNCH LINE!” – Tokyo Girls Update
I like to imagine that Shoko made the Dempa idols all eat a cat or two for some kind of weird hazing ritual.

A Song Reflecting Their 10 years History? ℃-ute Releases MV for “Gamusha LIFE”! – Tokyo Girls Update
Taking on the mantle of senior idol group. Holy cow, I feel ancient.

C-ute in the Middle of the Next Corner of a Reckless Life – Magi-Kat presents “Morning Meteora”
Kat looks at the three tracks and videos from C-ute’s latest, finding them in a more mature frame of mind.

Futuristic, Unhuman-like, and Almost Illusion : Perfume Releases the Video of “STORY(SXSW-MIX)” – Tokyo Girls Update
It’s rather pretty.

The day the spirits were absent (Sayashi Riho & Miyamoto Karin in UTB Nov 2014) – Ice Cream & My Jiggly
I love the line about the “weird sense of tension floating in the air”. At that moment, it could’ve gone quite differently and become a letter to Forum magazine.

Recommended Jpop♂ Reading: March 27, 2015


Ray’s Picks

WORLD ORDER release “THE HISTORY OF VOICE” MV + star on ‘The Amazing Race’ – Asian Junkie
It is, as always. breathtaking and fun. As for the reality show stuff, I enjoy that show sometimes so it’s fun to see two interests mix it up some.

Arashi Launches “Ura-Ara Talk” – JE fandom
So Q&A’s are now fair game for extra features on singles? I find that intriguing for some reason.

Okura Tadayoshi has an Instagram account? – JE fandom
Social media alert!

Yuma’s YOLO – Never Ending Music Power
Thennary is kinder about it, but the YOLO is enough for me to just turn away and pretend this doesn’t exist.

Recommended Kpop Reading: March 27, 2015


Ray’s Picks

Girls’ Generation Announce First New Music as 8 Members – Billboard
Life goes on for SNSD and Jessica.

Pervert sound engineer back to video Crayon Pop’s asses + Sailor Moon-esque outfits – Asian Junkie
Love the Sailor Scout outfits.

SXSW K-pop Night Out: A Party Beyond Pop – seoulbeats
A nicely detailed report of the fun had at the event.

Police state that a girl group member wasn’t in that drunk driving car accident – Asian Junkie
Well, that’s sort of a relief, I guess.

SHINee’s Key checks in on self-harming fan one year later – Asian Junkie
I respect Key for following up, it’s quite responsible of him.

Minah Brings Many Concepts in “I Am A Woman Too” – seoulbeats
Michelle finds the Girls Day idol shining brightly on her own.

Crayon Pop’s choreography MV for “FM” + fanchants for “FM” released – Asian Junkie
A YouTube dance cover event? But I sold my Sailor Scout outfit years ago!

Seulong & Jinwoon leave JYPE, but 2AM allegedly still together – Asian Junkie
2AM’s Seulong and Jinwoon Leave JYP – seoulbeats
This seems an amicable enough split, more from a difference in ambitions than any kind of behind-the-scenes drama, so the possibility of a reunion doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

Twice in your responses, you’ve mentioned the year 2007 as a time when K-pop changed. What exactly happened in 2007? What do you think caused this change? – the mind reels
An intriguing history lesson.

Review: Revisiting f(x)’s Red Light, One Year Later – Selective Hearing
Looking back and finding strong songs but a lack of direction.

CL is gonna trounce everybody in the TIME 100 vote, the thing Rain won 3 times in a row – Asian Junkie
Continuing to push hard for the American market.

Crayon Pop literally exists to save the world in “FM” MV + music show debut – Asian Junkie
I like it, but I think it still needs to grow on me.

VIXX’s N says he was molested by a company staffer at a company event – Asian Junkie
I agree that if the genders of the situation were reversed, this would not be a laughing matter at all.

KPOP Highlight: Crayon Pop fights for the galaxy in “FM” MV – Neaux Clicked on It
Neaux writes about the group for the first time.

Brian’s Picks

[ON-REPEAT] G-FRIEND – Glass Bead – Album Art Love
Out of all of the new girl groups popping, Bee finds GFriend one of the few worth paying attention. Do you agree with the comparions to SNSD?

Park Jin Young to Make His Comeback as a Singer in April – Soompi
Nothing else matters!!

Can You Catch GG? – SMTowmSNSD
Girls’ Generation Performs at ‘SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR IV’ in Taiwan – Soshified
The latest happenings for SNSD.

Recommended Cpop Reading: March 27, 2015


Brian’s Picks

C-Pop Artist Of The Week (Mar. 23 – Mar. 29) – Hello Nico – OneHallyu
An electronic rock band from Taiwan get Hemlock’s recommendation this week. The first linked song, Wasteland, is a good one

C-Pop Artist Of The Week (Mar. 16 – Mar. 22) – Jess Lee – OneHallyu
Hemlock takes a look at this soloist and focuses on her song “Suffering.” I came across Jess Lee last year and do really recommend her. But my favorite songs of her is Truth.

Ray’s Picks

2015-03-24 SNH48 – 无处可逃 MV Special unit group for the theme song… – Shanghai48s
It would have been even better if they were fighting PMS.

2015-03-26 SNH48 Team HII《悬铃木》(Suzukake Nanchara) MV Teaser! – Shanghai48s
This is very impressive, from what I’m seeing.

Recommended Eyecandy+ Reading: March 27, 2015


Ray’s Picks

白石麻衣 – Jurina48
白石麻衣 – Jurina48
白石麻衣 – Jurina48
白石麻衣 – Jurina48
Shiraishi Mai looking fashionable.

AKB48 Mako Kojima and Nana Owada “Yume no Tobira ga Hirakutoki” on Flash SP Magazine – HEBIROTE AKB48
Ahh, friendship!

小嶋陽菜 – Jurina48
小嶋陽菜 – Jurina48
小嶋陽菜 – Jurina48
小嶋陽菜 – Jurina48
小嶋陽菜 – Jurina48
小嶋陽菜 – Jurina48
Kojima Haruna gets racy, playful, and sultry.

川栄李奈 – Jurina48
Considering the news, it’s sad to look at this Kawaei Rina shoot, lovely as it is.

衛藤美彩&伊藤万理華 – Jurina48
Ahh, friendship! This time with Nogis Eto Misa and Ito Marika.

神門沙樹 – Jurina48
Goudo Saki in a fun homebound pictorial.

山田菜々 – Jurina48
Yamada Nana looking pretty incredible.

川口春奈 – Jurina48
川口春奈 – Jurina48
Kawaguchi Haruna, happy and cool.

2015-03-25 SNH48 Team HII member Xu Yang Yuzhuo (with Team HII… – Shanghai48s
I heart these photos.

NMB48 Sayaka Yamamoto “Just Move On” on Spirits Magazine – HEBIROTE AKB48
山本彩 – Jurina48
Sayanee gets sporty in the first spread, and steps up to bat in the second.

山地まり – Jurina48
Yamachi Mari is hypnotic.

譜久村聖 – Jurina48
Fukumura Mizuki gets splashed.

佐野ひなこ – Jurina48
Sano Hinako sits around.

The A-Z of Disgusting Bikinis – Morningtime
A very impressive albphabet.

大場美奈 – Jurina48
大場美奈 – Jurina48
Oba Mina in a new playful pictorial.

[Young Animal] 2015 No.07 橋本環奈 – Jurina48
Hashimoto Kanna tries on different ouftits.

岩﨑名美 – Jurina48
岩﨑名美 – Jurina48
Iwasaki Nami in casual and formalwear.